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Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning

We know what you’re googling. You’re looking for the best kitchen exhaust system cleaning in the Salt Lake City area. If you’ve landed on this page, consider it your lucky day, because you’ve just found the best exhaust hood cleaning business around!

Properly maintaining your commercial kitchen and your kitchen exhaust system is super important for your business. Why? That would be because the condition of your exhaust system determines the fate of your restaurant. A nasty, malfunctioning or dirty exhaust system could send your restaurant up in flames, score you an ugly number on your next inspection, or cost you lots of money in repairs. The list goes on really, but we’ll stop there. You get the basic idea.

So what does a kitchen exhaust system cleaning by us include?

A kitchen exhaust system cleaning service provided by Salt Lake City Hood Cleaning will get you many things. Every restaurant is its own animal, and you may require more or less than your next door neighbor. So your outstanding exhaust cleaning service will begin with an evaluation. At that initial meeting/evaluation we will determine the scope of the project and give an estimate for costs.

Here are some things you can expect from us when we arrive on the job:
  • A full inspection of your kitchen exhaust hood system
  • Education of potential risk factors that your kitchen exhaust system might have
  • Pressure washing, steam cleaning and FDA-approved chemical-cleaning as needed
  • Maintenance and repairs, as needed (by the way, we won’t just do something and surprise you at the end of the day, we will always inform you of anything that needs repaired and tell you whether or not it is urgent or can wait)
  • Respect and consideration for you, your property, your employees, and customers

To top it all off, you can expect an outstanding inspection. You know how inspectors are…they are kind of picky and look for any reason to knock points off. Don’t give them any reason to! Schedule us for an appointment and we will make sure your hood system is squeaky clean. In fact, we can clean your entire kitchen if you want us to, but those details are on the commercial kitchen cleaning or additional services pages.

How do you know when it’s time to get your commercial kitchen exhaust system cleaned?

Your commercial kitchen exhaust hood cleaning schedule depends on the type of commercial kitchen you run. Some restaurants require a cleaning every 90 days, while others can go as long as a year in between cleanings. It depends a couple of main things: the amount of frying that you do, and what your insurance regulations are.

Yes, we said insurance. Many times insurance companies or the local board of health will require you to have your kitchen exhaust system cleaned every so often.  If you’re unsure about the requirements, contact them.

By any means, you don’t want to get snubbed at your next inspection because of grease build up and it’s dangers. So you’ll want to keep an eye out for certain things.

If your equipment cannot be scrubbed clean any more, it’s time for a professional cleaning. When the exhaust fan is running, do a quick inspection yourself.  You can do this by listening for any rattling or off noises. Make yourself familiar with the sound of the exhaust fan so that you will know when it does begin making unusual noises. A rattling exhaust fan presents many problems. It usually means that the grease build-up has reached the point of interference. The grease build up is likely causing the fan’s imbalance and as a result, this can either result in fire, electrical issues, or the fan can kick the bucket anytime.

We love making you shine

We trained for a long time so that we could make this profession a reality. Our team is up-to-date on the latest codes and we are educated in the safety standards. And obviously we are damn good at cleaning commercial kitchens! When we leave, your place will look stunning.

We love doing what we do because it allows us to help other businesses. When we leave, inspectors are blown away by the condition of the commercial kitchens. That’s rewarding for the restaurant owner and us as well. We want to make you shine. Call us today to schedule an appointment or visit our About us page for more information.

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